A vaguely accurate image of myself

A vaguely accurate image of myself

So…. who are you?
Right, I guess I didn’t introduce myself. My name is Jennifer Koudelka. I’m yet another mid twenties introverted millennial with an unhealthy love of cats deciding to make a blog to share her thoughts with the world. The stereotypical nature of my situation is not lost on me. If you want to learn more about me you can click that nifty “About Me” tab above you!

So what exactly will I find here?
Besides reviews, which also are published on my goodreads account and tend to remain spoiler free, I’m planning on doing more in depth reviews that will venture into the horrible land of spoilers. Not for every book, mind you, but sometimes I find myself drawn to a specific aspect of a book and want to discuss it in more detail and a general review isn’t the place for that. I’m also planning on some end of year lists in the way off future along with discussing my ongoing data collection on what books I read and finding patterns. And I’ll probably be commenting on bookish news events as they happen.

Reviews?! But what if you spoil me??
Fear not the spoilers. I am not in the habit of including spoilers in my reviews but if you’re that concerned you can always click the Spoiler Policy tab above you to find out what I constitute a spoiler and what I don’t.

What kind of books do you read?
I am a definite genre reader, mainly focusing on sci-fi and fantasy. My favorite author is Terry Pratchett, followed by Neil Gaiman. Surprising no one, Good Omens is one of my favorite books, although not my favorite book. I’m trying to branch out my reading genres a little and have been reading more romance novels and want to try this year to read more non-fiction.

Ewwwww romance novels… Why would you read stuff like that?
Hey! You stop that! This is a guilt free reading zone. Some people like romance novels, some people like New York Times best sellers, some people like classics. Insulting others for enjoying a certain type of media does nothing but bring that other person down and erect barriers between you.

Why “Falling off the Disc?”
“Falling off the Disc” is a reference to the Discworld series, which I adore and has been a big part of my reading life since my high school years. The general idea was myself being rooted in the realm of Discworld but falling off of it into new realms full of new adventures. Plus I thought it sounded cool.

Where do you get those nifty little illustrations that show up in your posts sometimes?
Any illustration is drawn by me! I’m an illustrator and plan on using sometimes drawing things for this blog. Like a header that will replace the quick photoshop job I did currently.

Anything else I should know?
Nothing majorly comes to mind. Everything I write here will be of my own opinion. This means that my own personal politics, life experiences, and preferences will be informing everything I write. If you disagree feel free to leave a comment but anything overly rude or hurtful will not be tolerated. I don’t expect to have to enforce that rule but this is the internet.


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