Spoiler Policy

Ah yes, the dreaded spoilers. I do my best with every review that I write to keep things as spoiler free as possible. However, not everyone defines spoilers in the same way. These are my general rules:

  • If it’s a plot point that was mentioned in the book summary then it’s not a spoiler. Example: saying that The Fault in Our Stars is about kids with terminal cancer is not a spoiler because that is in the side or back flap of the book.
  • If it’s a plot point that sets up the much larger plot of the book and isn’t a reveal, I don’t consider it a spoiler. Example: Elizabeth Bennet meets Mr. Darcy at a ball and she is struck with an immediate dislike of the man. This is not any sort of plot twist and sets up the evolution of their relationship down the line.
  • If I’m reviewing a book in a series, I will mention spoilers for the preceding book or books. Example: It’s rather impossible to review Return of the King without talking about what happened in Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers.
  • If I’m reviewing a romance novel, I will not conceal the fact that the two romantic leads do at some point have relations. Unless there’s a subversion of the genre or a thematic subplot (ex: a romance novel where whether or not the two characters have sex or wait is an important plotline) I do not feel that it is a spoiler to say that the two characters fall in love and/or have sex. Example: Ross and Rachel from Friends have a “will they won’t they” relationship and so I wouldn’t spoil whether or not they end up together because it’s the main crux of that subplot. However, I’d have no qualms about saying that two characters in, say, a stereotypical Nora Roberts book, get together as the plot isn’t whether or not they will fall in love and instead is the events that happen while they fall in love.

There will be a brief reminder of the spoiler policy at the beginning of each review, and if I delve into spoilers on a non-review, I will make that apparent before the post starts.


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