Life update and books I missed!

Well, the last two months were certainly eventful! First and foremost, I’ve moved! My fiance and I underwent the great journey into domestic cohabitation and as such, most of June was spent packing up boxes and most of July has been spent UNpacking those boxes. Everything is pretty much settled in by now but we’re definitely going to need to buy a 3rd full sized bookshelf. Matt’s not as avid of a reader as I am, but from time to time he does put down the controller long enough to read something so between his medium sized collection and my overflowing mountain of boxes labeled “books” we filled up any and all shelf space pretty quickly. One of the things you might have noticed NOT being listed as things accomplished during this period was book reading, or more specifically, book review writing.

Rest assured reading has gotten done! Since my last review I’ve read Rat Queens vol. 2, Missoula, Broken Monsters, The River of No Return and another pulpy romance paperback called Heart of Brass. Reviews for all of these are coming down the pipeline but I might be backlogged for a bit. So in the meantime, here are some quick one sentence (ish) reviews:

Rat Queens vol. 2: More of the same. If you liked the first volume, you’ll probably like this one although it’s still in the slow build process of introducing our overarching plot.

Missoula: Quite possibly the best book I’ll read this year. Extremely difficult to digest at times, but a highly educational and harsh look at rape culture within our society and why we struggle to believe victims of sexual assault.

Broken Monsters: Lauren Beukes outdoes her previous entry in the “creepy murder mystery serial killer with a supernatural bend” genre with this book. I spent almost every free moment I had listening to the audiobook.

The River of No Return: Fun time travel thriller mixed with historical romance. Unsure at times what it wants to focus on and struggles a bit with wrapping all the plot points up but the author is apparently writing a sequel so maybe all my questions will eventually be answered.

Heart of Brass: This was an impulse shelf reading grab and it actually passed all three of my rules for reading a paperback romance book! (I’ll write a separate post at some point dictating what those rules are). The main characters respected each other and their boundaries and the main plot involved a kidnapped husband who has been brainwashed as an enemy agent who is trying to kill his wife! Very enjoyable random pick.